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Out with the old, in with the new


In the past, this site,, was one of the first digital camera sites. Never burdened with advertising (except for my eBooks), it showed a lot of what digital photography was all about to a world hungry for good information.


That was then. This is tomorrow. It's a whole new world. Populated with HDSLRs that shoot stills and movies.


So this site will become a whole new deal. Starting right now.


Click here for some interesting stuff about the Nikon D800.


36.2 MP / 6 RAW frame sizes / 36.2 to 4 MP JPEG frame sizes / 1080p30/24/25 & 720p60 cine modes / routine ISOs to 25,600 / exceptional dynamic range / many undocumented features (until now)


If there is something from the past you wish to explore on the old DigitalSecrets site, do that from here.