Nikon D800/E

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Latest News About the D800s and the iBook


During preparation for publishing, we made several changes.

The  debut version was 1.0.2. Current version is 1.0.4.


As we make changes and tweaks to the book, we will make those available to owners at no charge. Just go to the iBook Store and download the latest version. It's free to owners.


No Truth to the Rumor


That the cover of the iBook was shot at a decent, reasonable ISO. In fact, photographer Phil Hatten shot the image during a party at one of his favorite haunts with ISO set to 6400.


Page 74 of the iBook shows the original image and lets you enlarge a portion of the model's face where—surprise—grain is almost absent.


The D800's wow factor is somewhat above huge.


ISO One Million

One of the iBook's undocumented feature revelations. (page 507)


It's not just for breakfast any more. We are betting that the D4 and new Df will exceed ISO one million by around three stops.


If this doesn't make sense to you, look on page 507 of the iBook to see how to shoot ISO 1,000,000+ with the D800.


It can be done. We did it. So can you.
And the results are surprisingly good. Considering.



ISO One Million Plus with the D800! F/22 @ 1/250 sec in just 1.7 foot-candles of illumination!