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Who is Peter iNova, and What's He All About?


Back in the 1990's there were no interactive ebooks. But digital photography was roaring towards us like a runaway freight train.

Metavision Creative Director Peter iNova acquired one of the first decent digital cameras and tried to get publishers interested in making a book about it in 1999.


"No Dice. A whole book about a single camera? Are you nuts?*"


So he coaxed a Los Angeles self-publishing house into joining this new Internet thing, and he produced the project as an interactive eBook that photographers could buy on CD and read on their computer.


Turns out there was a huge market for fun/sane information about digital photography and this camera in particular.


People raved about it on DP Review. "Like getting a Rolls Royce for the price of a Ford Escort!" said one.


One photographer/reader exclaimed "eBook = eWOW!"


20+ eBook projects later, this iBook was created. Now your iPad can play, too.



*Of course, today the foot wears a different shoe...