Nikon D800/E

An Encyclopedia of Interactive Solutions




If you have not updated your firmware to the most recent version, jump over to Nikon USA  and load it into your camera right away.


the Original version for most cameras produced was:


A 1.01

B 1.02

L 1.006


On May 13, 2014 a new firmware update created this:


A 1.10

B 1.10

L 1.006


A number of functions have been improved, and a few new functions have been added.


(Note: the "L" file is lens data, and apparently there's nothing new there.)


You can download the software and find all the details on Nikon's update page here.


New features include changing the Custom Setting Mode f13 Assign Movie Record Button to your choice of using it to alter ISO, or to select image area, or to select shutter speed and aperture lock. Or to do nothing. These options are only active in Still mode. Setting the Shutter Release to trigger/stop movie recording remains at g4.


F14 Assign MB-D12 AF-On Button now handles settings for the MB-D12 battery pack's button.


A new function, f15 Assign Remote Fn Button, has been added to the menu. This allows you to change the function of the WR-1 or WR-T10's Fn button to any of the options the camera body's Fn button can achieve.


New in the Setup Menu are items for the optional WT-4
Wireless Transmitter and UT-1 Network Adapter.


A complete set of instructions for the new features may be found in this PDF file from Nikon.


In all, this is a fairly minor update. But if you neeeeed 'em, you got 'em.